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Long time, no posting

I haven’t been on here in a while. Sorry! In the past month I’ve been so preoccupied with so much shhhhtuff. It sucks honestly. Spent a good while looking after my grandma in Ohio and then gone at the beach for a bit and not to mention the tough breakup. Everything has been weighing down on me till I sat down with a paint brush. Some people will never know that feeling of glee and relaxation painting does for me. Once I started… It felt like I couldn’t stop. Every emotion I had melted away. I hope everyone has something like that. My inspiration sprouted from a quote. “Art is one of those things that we simply must do so that our spirits may grow.” I’ve decided to enter a bunch of pieces into the county fair. I need that boost of confidence (and the 10$ 1st place prize isn’t so bad either). Here are the paintings I’ve done:


I know… Why more animals? You do these all the time! Well animals are so much nicer to paint and draw. They are simpler and don’t lie and hide away their emotion. It’s easier to convey some kind of message. I’ll post some more soon. Sorry for my absence from the blogging world! Love you readers!!!

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As high as a giraffe…

I couldn’t think of any other way to title this. After my elephant I had decided to work on a giraffe. It took a long Tim to finish due to it being finals week (I hate it) and it took FOREVER to get the fur texture just right. But all in all I had fun drawing it. Thank you to the people who helped me create a list of what’s next to draw. Next is a Hippo! Then Alligator/Crocodile, Penguin, Lemurs, Slow loris and then a Bush baby.



Ignore the glowing nostril… Flash made the heavy lead shiny. Thanks!!!

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Elephant in the room…

I spent most of yesterday doodling because, I won’t lie, I was procrastinating from studying (ewwwww). I was soon joined by my friend Julie who was drawing a custom pheonix/Zelda shield tattoo. I will post about her soon. She challenged me to draw one of my animal eye paintings. At the moment I couldn’t get one comment made by another friend (he said my little sketch made the elephant look like a butt hole) if you want to be disturbed by it then by all means go to my last post to see. But I did it. It took A LOT of patience and time. I only used an F pencil if you are interested. Comment for requests or questions! Have a great day! Follow me? Hahaha or not… That’s cool too! Just remember to challenge your self today whether it’s art related or not! Thanks for reading!




I am so sick of finals… I seriously had a dream last night in Spanish…. It was a nightmare. Anyways to relax I started some new projects. I abandoned the dragon and continued with a collection I’ve already started. Back a couple posts ago, I posted an owl painting with a close up of the eyes. My mom came up with a genius idea ( although I haven’t told her so yet) that I should do more close ups on animal eyes. It was genius! I planned them out and then painted a couple of them. The bear is a work in progress because I’m not happy with it but the frog is awesome.




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New projects

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Friendly competition

Okay… First thing is my morning was absolutely made by one of my followers!


this doodler is amazing in their simplistic yet GORGEOUS art! Check them out when you can!!!
Second… To the main part of this post. I enjoy friendly competition. If one of my friends does something I feel the need to do it as well and hopefully better. It doesn’t make me mean or a copy cat. It means I want to be able to acquire that talent and be able to make something of my own from it. My friend paints a bunch of, what I consider to be, “cutesy” dragons. I asked for her to sketch out my dragon and I even gave her qualities I wanted… None of them were met… now to do it myself. That picture are my doodles by the way. I want an ugly dragon that gives night mares to little children (not really) but the point is still there. I love my friend but this is going to my creation. Lesson: don’t settle with your piece of art until you are truly satisfied.


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So usually when doing a painting you start with the basic concept of it and soon you have to really get into minute details. The painting of deadpool and deathstroke has so many small details that honestly felt like it took forever…. But hip hip hooray it’s done! The Wilson duo have set the city on fire! Tell me what you guys think!